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You don't have to merely exist in life ~ you can Thrive.
To thrive is to grow, flourish, and prosper. True fulfillment doesn't happen when you become some ideal person different than yourself. Just as true happiness comes when you're comfortable expressing who you really are.

Perhaps you're looking for some self-exploration or to let go of unhealthy habits. Thriving happens when you are living your purpose and experience vitality, connection, growth and contribution. Developing the resilience to turn crisis into opportunity will ultimately serve you in every area of your life.

Our programs are designed to help you thrive physically, mentally and emotionally so that you may enjoy the journey through life, not just the destination.

Working with Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) I have created programs designed to connect humans with horses to enhance confidence, communication and trust while building social skills, leadership and developing boundaries. We take a mind, body, spirit approach with all of our programs.

What is Facilitated Learning

Facilitated learning is an experiential learning experience. While facilitating was originally developed by Carl Rogers, Piaget developed the experiential process by which learning became a holistic, real life approach to helping people take control of their own life through knowledge and experience. Aristotle said, "For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them." Participants realize their own intuitive and emotional intelligence and find a deeper sense of self, connection to others and sense of life purpose.

How do Horses Help Humans

Horses are prey animals and humans are predators. The horse embodies power and grace and enchants us through pictures and stories of nobility and freedom. Horses are highly sensitive and intuitive prey animals. They are constantly responding and adapting to their environment and the people around them.
Horse in sunriseHorses are also herd animals. Wild horses cope with food and water issues, predators and a social system. Social intelligence requires horses to know who is part of the herd and who is missing. Since the herd provides safety, horses form very strong family bonds. In the herd, horses respond to positive and negative changes in body language and behavior. Their social structure is essential to their survival.
Horses can intuitively sense the energy and intent of people and they tend to mirror and reflect those emotions and energy. Horses are nomadic creatures by nature and purely live life in the "present moment." Horses do not have any judgment or preconceived notion of who or what you are. There is no ego involved. They are only interested in your authenticity and will let you know when you are not being your authentic self. If you are smiling yet you are angry, the horse will know.
The horse becomes the biofeedback mechanism in which we see ourselves and how we can measure our effectiveness, energy, and nonverbal communication. There is no doubt our actions are more powerful than our words. By embracing the horse wisdom, we allow the horse to teach and guide us to our true self. In a gentle and nurturing way, horses can help us remove barriers we have unknowingly created in our lives. You can discover and open the pathways to your personal growth and intuition by removing these barriers. Once we have awareness, we can expand our possibilities and experience inner joy.

Equine Facilitated Learning Programs


To facilitate the connection between humans and horses to enhance confidence, communication and trust while empowering individuals to live more joyous, authentic lives.

I offer EFL and Coaching programs in which participants experience the divine nature of the horse to gain;

We work with people in life transition, spiritual paths, professionals, leaders and executives. The following are some of the programs offered.

Life Coaching

Detour sign As a life coach I can guide you to uncover your true self, talents and life-purpose. These confidential one-to-one sessions use a combination of Strategic Intervention Coaching, human needs psychology, creative activities and active experiences with horses or without. Together we create stepping stones and remove the obstacles to get to your path.


Personal Growth: Taking the Journey

Old horse drawn wagon. Learning to separate our true self from the masks we wear can be a challenge, especially during a life transition. Whether you're on a spiritual journey or transitioning from a marriage or a career, this program is designed to bring you in touch with your authentic self through learning true self love, emotional intelligence, intuition, boundaries, self compassion and mindfulness. We work in groups and individually with exercises designed to cultivate intuition and boundaries and allow the unfolding of the authentic self.

Our time is spent on "horse time," allowing your own personal journey to unfold. Working together, and with the horses, you will come to understand your true authentic nature and divine gifts. Horses become our mirror in discovering our gifts, challenges and help us to grow in mind, body and spirit.

Leadership Development

Raised beneath the glow of the Golden Arches I grew up uttering, "Welcome to McDonald's," in my sleep. As the daughter of a franchise owner I became familiar with Hamburger University long before I knew about Florida State.

As the owner/operator of about sixty-two McDonald's, my father was one of the largest franchise operators in the history of McDonald's. As a manager for The Eddy Corporation, I learned the core values of customer service, sound ethics and a business model of what it takes to be a leader.

A considerable amount of the success of the corporation was my Father's belief in the McDonald's Family. His company was committed to its people through opportunity, nurturing talent and developing leaders.

Eventually, as a community leader, I entered politics. My commitment to the responsibilities that befall a leader, along with my life long passion for horses, created the desire to blend the two with Equine Facilitated Learning programs.

Horses walking on the beach in a line.Leadership is vital to the success of a company. Some people are natural leaders while others are called to positions of leadership and encourage others. Business owners, managers and corporate executives who desire to expand in the areas of leadership and team building benefit from this program.

While leadership is certainly a form of power, it is not intended to become power over people but power with people as a reciprocal relationship. Many leaders are defined as energetic, outgoing or competitive. Others may be visionary, hard-working and decisive. Positions of leadership and management can be a tough calling and these people need a place to grow and renew. No better place than a barn.

Observation of herd dynamics and interacting individually with horses increases self-awareness and leadership skills. These sessions are highly interactive, revealing and offer an "in the moment" learning experience. Our horses assist in developing and cultivating leaders.

Participants gain confidence which leads to making better choices based on courage and awareness as opposed to automatic learned responses. They develop skills to move from conflict to resolution more quickly.

As part of our faith based mission to enlighten the mind, body and spirit, Energy Profiling is used to help uncover innate personality traits, behavior tendencies, feelings, thought processes and body language. Our work is intended to be playful, enlightening and take participants to new levels of interacting and building trust with others. The horses are highly trained and seasoned teachers.

For Teens: Follow Your Heart

Girl looking down the street in anticipation.My authentic self is, who I really am, who God intended, and who I intended to be as I emerged into this life. Children innately know who they are. We are conditioned by society to domesticate our children and most often we move away from who we really are by adulthood. Working with horses teenagers learn to:

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to empower individuals to live more joyous authentic lives by offering grounded effective solutions for deepening self-awareness through Strategic Life Coaching and Equine Facilitated Learning.

"I believe there is a force in this world that lives beneath the surface, something primitive and wild that awakens when you need an extra push just to survive, like wildflowers that bloom after fire turns the forest black. Most people are afraid of it and keep it buried deep inside themselves. But there will always be a few people who have the courage to love what is untamed inside us."

From the movie Flicka

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